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Privacy Policy

Dear visitors and users!

This site belongs to an individual (hereinafter - "Administration"), acting in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
We treat the confidential (personal) information of all site visitors with respect and strive to ensure the protection of this information and create the most comfortable conditions for using our service.
To do this, the Administration has developed this Privacy Policy (hereinafter - the "Policy") to tell you exactly what data the site can receive from individuals and what we will do with them.
Pay attention! We process your personal data only if you have consented to the processing of personal data.

1. Terms and definitions

Personal data - information about an individual (User).
Personal data processing - registration, collection, accumulation, storage, use of personal data, including using automated systems.
Dissemination of personal data - transfer of information about the User with his consent.
User - an individual who has consented to the processing of personal data, in accordance with this Policy in their own interests, by registering or leaving an application in the online service Online service is a service owned by the Administration and located at

2. General provisions

2.1. The Policy applies to all of your personal data that may be obtained in the process of using the online service both before and after the entry into force of this Policy.
2.2. When using the online service, by informing the Administration of your personal data, you acknowledge your consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with this Policy and that you are notified of the persons to whom your data may be transferred.
2.3. If you do not agree with the terms of this Policy, you must immediately stop using the service.
2.4. The user can revoke his consent to the processing of his data at any time.
2.5. The site administration expects that the User provides reliable and truthful personal data.
2.6. This Policy is an internal document of the Administration.

3. Composition of personal data

3.1. The administration of the site collects only the following data about the User: last name, first name, e-mail address, mobile phone number, VIN code of the car.
3.2. There is also data that we receive automatically using the software: IP address, information about the browser and the type of operating system of the device, technical characteristics of hardware and software, date and time of access to the online service.

4. Purpose and principles of personal data processing

4.1. Purpose of processing personal information:
⦁ providing the User with information about services, current promotions and special offers related to the services provided by our online service;
⦁ to communicate with the subject of personal data to send offers, information materials, messages, advertisements;
⦁ to analyze information in order to improve the quality of the online service, ease of use, develop new functionality and improve the quality of service;
⦁ Conducting statistical studies based on the data obtained.
4.2. We do not process personal data related to racial or ethnic origin, political, religious or ideological beliefs, membership in political parties and trade unions, criminal convictions, as well as data related to health, sexuality, biometric and genetic data.
4.3. The processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with the conditions determined by the legislation of Ukraine and the GDPR.

5. Terms of processing personal data

5.1. Personal data are processed until the purposes of their processing are achieved, but no longer than is determined by the Legislation.
5.2. When the period for processing and storing information expires, it must be destroyed or depersonalized, unless otherwise provided by the Law.
5.3. From time to time, we will minimize your personal data and can make it anonymous so that it can no longer be associated with you personally. In this case, we can use this information without further informing you.

6. Interaction of the Site with other resources

6.1. The pages of our site contain links to other Internet resources (for informational purposes only) that may receive and process your information if you click on these links.
6.2. On the pages of our website, codes of services Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica are installed, which use cookies and can receive and process information only about the fact that you have visited this or that page and other information that is transmitted by your browser. We need the use of these services for the operational analysis of site visits, internal and external assessment of site traffic, the depth of views, and user activity. We do not store or process data received from these services. We are not responsible for the collection / processing / use of these / similar services of personal data. If you are uncomfortable with the use of Cookies, then after completing your visit to our site, you can always delete the Cookies from your browser.
Pay attention! When you click on a link to other sites or social networks, this Privacy Policy and Personal Data will not apply to them. We recommend that you review the privacy policy of each Site before transferring any personal data by which you can be identified.

7. Interaction of the Administration with third parties regarding personal data

7.1. For the processing of personal data, only those employees of the Administration who are entrusted with such a duty are allowed in accordance with their official (labor) duties.
7.2. The administration may transfer personal data to third parties in the following cases:
- the subject of personal data has expressed his consent to such actions in writing;
- the transfer is provided for by Ukrainian or other relevant legislation within the framework of the procedure established by the legislation.
7.3. Representatives of public authorities (including those of controlling, supervisory, law enforcement and other bodies) gain access to personal data processed by the Administration in the amount and manner determined by the legislation of Ukraine.
7.4. The administration has the right to entrust the processing of personal data to a third party with the consent of the subject of personal data, unless otherwise provided by the legislation of Ukraine, on the basis of an agreement concluded with a third party, the condition of which is confidentiality.

8. Protection of personal data

The administration uses generally accepted standards of technical and organizational security measures to protect information and personal data. However, we cannot guarantee complete protection against any threats that arise outside the administration's administration.

9. Rights of the subject of personal data

9.1. Know about the sources of collection of personal data, the location of their personal data, the purpose of their processing, about the receipt of this information by authorized persons, except as otherwise established by the Law.
9.2. Access to your personal data. Access your data after a corresponding request no later than 30 days, except as otherwise provided by law.
9.3. Submit a reasoned demand or complaint to the Administration about an objection to the processing of your personal data, about their change or destruction, if the data is processed illegally or is unreliable.
9.4. To protect their personal data from illegal processing, failure to submit or untimely provision of them, as well as to protect against the provision of information that is unreliable or defaming the honor, dignity and business reputation of an individual.
9.5. Apply remedies in case of violation of legislation on the protection of personal data.
9.6. Withdraw consent to the processing of personal data.

10. Place of storage of personal data

The provided personal data is processed and stored in data centers where the equipment that ensures the functioning of the services of the site is located.

11. Changes to privacy policy

This privacy policy is subject to change. Any changes to the Privacy Policy are published on the Site. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, we strongly recommend that you refer to this Privacy Policy regularly.

We wish you a pleasant and useful time on our resource!