AuctionAuto is the largest international auto importer from America, Canada, China and Korea. The company offers its customers to buy used cars at prices significantly lower than market prices (savings up to 50%). Experienced managers will help you buy broken and whole cars from US insurance auctions: Manheim (Manheim), Copart (Copart), IAAI (Insurance). The advantage of the company is their cooperation with legal entities.

It is possible to remove car history from Auctionauto websites using the "remove my vin" service. It is only possible to completely delete lot history from the auction - delete VIN from the site, hide car photos from Google, remove mileage, airbag deployment, auction sale price.

It takes 2-3 business days to delete car history from the site, and it takes 4-6 business days to remove car photos from Google's "images" section.

AuctionAuto is represented in many countries: Ukraine (, Uzbekistan (, Kazakhstan (, Kyrgyzstan (, Azerbaijan (, USA ( .

The history of the car will be permanently deleted from the site.